Plastic Coating


Plastic Coating

Aplas is an acrylic coating design for 1K fast drying for all kind of plastic substrate like ABS and PS, HIPS and etc.

Aplas is suitable for applications of home electronic products such as hi-fi equipment, television casing, speakers frames, remote controls, mini disc, toys, mannequins and telecommunications equipments.

Discover Aplas, the premier acrylic coating designed for fast-drying perfection on various plastic substrates like ABS, PS, and HIPS. Ideal for a range of home electronic applications, including hi-fi equipment, television casings, speaker frames, remote controls, mini discs, toys, mannequins, and telecommunications equipment. Elevate your products with Aplas' durable and versatile finish, ensuring a professional look that lasts. Upgrade your plastic coatings with Aplas today!

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