About Us


Astrong Paint Industries Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian independent paint manufacturer that specialises in producing paint, industrial building materials, and solvent for distribution to hardware wholesalers, retailers, and other businesses throughout Malaysia and South Indian. We served our customers by offering a comprehensive range of products for a range of sectors, such as premium water-based and gloss-based coatings, timber marking, Epoxy Paint, Heavy Duty Aluminium Paint, and many others. We've been in business since 2000, and the majority of our employees and clients have been with us from the beginning. Our products also meet the stringent requirements of the automotive industry and are used in our domestic vehicles. To provide superior quality products at an affordable price, the company has consistently invested heavily in skill trainings and product innovation (R&D). Despite the company's short history, the company's employees have been in the coatings industry for over twenty years. In comparison to its competitors, Astrong Paint is able to roll out its products at a lower cost. The company is dedicated to meeting and maintaining the highest standards of product and service quality, as well as continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Our services are fully insured, and your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Vision & Mission

Astrong Paint Sdn Bhd has invested heavily in skill trainings, upgrading courses, and the provision of a conducive operating environment to foster a cordial and efficient working relationship and instil a sense of professionalism among its employees. It is known for its superior quality and premium services with undivided support and commitment from its management and staffs. Teamwork is an important element that will propel the company forward. Continue to strengthen our relationships with our customers, improve product quality, and develop and introduce new goods to fulfil their demands. Continue to put in the effort to be an industry leader.